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Pureit classic filter


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Pureit classic filter

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What is the capacity of the ‘Pureit Classic 23 litre’ water purifier system?

The top chamber of ‘Pureit Classic 23 litre’ water purifier has a capacity of 9 litres, and the transparent chamber of Pureit Classic water purifier has a capacity of 9 litres. This has been designed such that for a typical family, the water has to be filled in the top chamber only once a day. However if more than 9 litres of water is required in a day, you can fill the top chamber as often as necessary and take the corresponding water out of the transparent chamber.

How much water can the ‘Pureit Classic 23 litre’ water purifier system purify in one day?

Every time you fill the top chamber of a ‘Pureit Classic 23 litre’ water purifier with water, all of it will get purified, and will collect in the transparent chamber within a few hours. So you can keep filling the top chamber as often as you need. However, you must ensure that there is one inch of empty space left in the transparent chamber, and that you don’t then pour any more water into the top chamber. If you don’t do this, or if you forget to withdraw water from the transparent chamber, the system has been designed to overflow from the side. You may repeat as many cycles a day as you require.

How long does it take to purify water on Pureit?

The average flow-rate of the Pureit water purifier will depend upon the quality of the water that is put into the Pureit system, and may also vary with the life of the Pureit Germkill Processor. The flow-rate through the system will typically be in the region of 30-150 ml/min. This means that 9 litres of water would get purified in 1-5 hours, depending on the quality of input water. Please note that the flow rate will be much higher than that in the beginning of the Pureit Germkill Kit™ life. Whenever you feel that the flow from your Pureit water purification system has become unsatisfactorily low, you can wash Activated Carbon Filter. Cleaning will remove accumulated dirt on the Activated Carbon Filter and will improve the water flow. Please follow Activated Carbon Filter cleaning instructions mentioned in Troubleshooting point 1. It must be remembered that the first time you use the system, and anytime else when you empty the Cleansing – Collection chamber (such as after prolonged nonuse) no water will come out into the transparent section for a few hours. This is because the Cleansing – Collection chamber has to get re-filled with water.

Will my Pureit water purifier remove salts and oils from water?

Water may contain many materials which affect the taste of water. Of these, Pureit removes materials like oil, sand, soil, clay, dirt, decayed animal and plant waste, and harmful pesticides impurities, and is therefore likely to improve the taste of water. However, Pureit does not remove some materials that may contribute to taste like sodium chloride salt, calcium and magnesium.


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