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Weight loss Milkshake


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Eating a balanced diet is important to you! But given your busy lifestyle, healthy eating is often easier said than done, and you often find yourself craving unhealthy processed foods in the face of that mid-morning or mid-afternoon energy dip. With temptation in the form of sweet or salty junk foods lurking around every corner, you’d like a healthy, convenient, and most of all, tasty snacking alternative that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Meet Natural Balance Shake vanilla flavour. It’s a tasty and versatile snack with the right nutrients your body needs to satisfy cravings in a healthy way.

Natural Balance Shake vanilla flavour is a high-protein, high-fibre ready-to-mix shake formula that satisfies snack cravings. It contains high-quality protein from eggs, whey, as well as peas, and dietary fibre from apple, sugar beet, and rosehip. Protein contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass, while dietary fibre helps promote digestive health.

The versatility of the Natural Balance Shake means that you can customise it however you like! Blend it with fresh fruits and vegetables for a deliciously nutritious smoothie after a sweaty workout or add a scoop to your coffee for a tasty afternoon treat – the choice is yours! That’s smart snacking made easy.

Sweetened with sucralose. Blend with water, milk or plant-based milk alternatives. Enjoy as a snack 1-2 times per day. High protein. High fibre. Non-GMO. Gluten free. Preservative free. No artificial colours or flavours. Halal compliant formula. Developed in Sweden.

Every 18g serving of Natural Balance Shake vanilla has:

•71 calories (kcal)

•7.1g protein, of which approximately 3g are essential amino acids

•1.5g fat (of which saturates – 0.4g)

•6.3g of carbohydrates (of which sugars – 3.6g)

•1.6g dietary fibre

•0.26 g salt

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50 in stock

The Natural Balance Shake is deliciously nutritious and can be enjoyed as a healthy snack alternative 1-2 times per day. Simply:

•Take one scoop (18g) of the Natural Balance Shake powder of your choice (Strawberry, Vanilla, or Chocolate) and add it to a container of 150 ml of cold water.

•Shake well.


Alternate directions for use:

You can also blend your Natural Balance Shake with milk or plant-based milk alternatives (such as oat, soy, almond, and more) depending on your personal preferences and availability*.

Natural Balance Shake can even be used as a base for a healthy smoothie* or as a more filling alternative to your morning or afternoon coffee.

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